Creating a case

After you have submitted the data form, you are ready to upload the attachments that must accompany your Supporting Statement.

The attachments we will require from you are as follows:

  • 3 pictures of the exterior of your property, one of the main door, one of the property's street door (these may be the same thing), and one of the street your property is in

  • the floor plan of the property - this should indicate clearly the floor areas of each room

  • if you are applying for a property in Edinburgh’s control area - evidence of a recent booking before 5th September 2022. This should pop up automatically for properties in Edinburgh.

As part of your service, we will generate and include a planning map of your property. To comply with entry requirements, we may need your input for marking the specific location of your property in, say a block of flats. We will contact you separately about this.

Floor plans

Your floor plan should display floor area on it somewhere, because local authority charging can be based on it. A minimum standard might be as follows:

Minimum acceptable floor plan example