The application process

How it works

Getting started

To apply for a Certificate of Lawfulness, you submit information about your property that includes a description of its location, the surrounding area, its use, and measures you take to limit disturbance to neighbours. You also provide pictures of it, a floor plan, and evidence that you have been trading for more than a year. This is compiled into an application, submitted to the Local Authority and, if necesssary, appealed.

To manage this, our service to you consists of the following stages. These are explained in more detail in the menu on the left.


In the initial questionnaire, we ensure that our support services are appropriate to your circumstances. If they are, you register an account. This creates your dashboard, from where you can manage all of your support cases.

Information Entry

For each property you own, you create a support case, and make a payment. Then you enter your data and upload your attachmments.

Case preparation

We then review your information and, if necessary, advise you where you need to adjust it to improve your application. When we've made it as strong as possible, you'll approve it.

Case submission

We submit your application and notify you of the response. If necessary, we appeal an initial refusal, and notify you that response.

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